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Upcoming Essays November 12, 2008

Posted by Adam Nowland in Democracy, Election 2008, Politically Incorrect Blog, President Bush, President Obama, U.S. Government.
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I’ve been extremely busy this week, but over the next few days I’ll be posting several more essays.  You can look forward to the following topics:

Why I’m Glad I’m Not the Next President:  The Overwhelming Crises Facing Barack Obama

Leader, Warrior, President:  How Future Generations Will View Bush’s Legacy

The Days After:  The Economic Realities of an Obama Presidency

President v. Party:  How Barack Obama’s Election Bodes Ill for the Democratic Party

While they should all be interesting to those following the recent election and the end of the Bush presidency, I’m particularly excited about the latter two.  Hopefully it’ll be good stuff.  I’ll keep everyone posted.


Site Update February 20, 2008

Posted by Adam Nowland in Politically Incorrect Blog.

Politically Incorrect is proud to announce the re-emergence of one of its writers, Adam Nowland, from his hiatus as a law school student to once again being a full-time contributor.  Starting immediately, Mr. Nowland assumes the role of Foreign Editor in addition to his duties as Editor-in-Chief.  Mr. Nowland’s duties will include continuing to provide leadership in the blog’s direction and will now include managing posts regarding foreign affairs, though he will continue to contribute to domestic issues as well.

In addition, Politically Incorrect is excited to announce the elevation of Sean Varner from Staff Writer to Domestic Editor, where his duties will include overseeing all domestic news posts, with special attention to Vote 2008, Politically Incorrect’s groundbreaking original analysis of this year’s national elections.  Mr. Varner will also help contribute to the blog’s foreign affairs department as well.  Both editors look forward to assuming their new duties with vigor, and hope that the blog’s regular readers continue to support the site.